All new clients and PCAs must sign a copy of the Achieve Healthcare Agreement for PCA Choice Provider Services and review our Policy and Procedure Manual (not available on our website). 

PCAs are also required to complete the Hepatitis B Vaccination Consent/Refusal Form and complete a quick Bloodborne Pathogens quiz (required by MN OSHA). 

Please email or call 763-913-1325 to request these documents to be sent via email, fax or USPS as they are not available on our website. 

New PCA Documents

New PCA Letter (Revised 2019).pdf New PCA Letter (Revised 2019).pdf
Size : 99.981 Kb
Type : pdf
Application for Employment.pdf Application for Employment.pdf
Size : 106.582 Kb
Type : pdf
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification.pdf I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification.pdf
Size : 551.927 Kb
Type : pdf
MHCP Provider Agreement.pdf MHCP Provider Agreement.pdf
Size : 77.126 Kb
Type : pdf
Individual PCA Enrollment Application.pdf Individual PCA Enrollment Application.pdf
Size : 650.275 Kb
Type : pdf

2022 Form W-4.pdf 2022 Form W-4.pdf
Size : 89.204 Kb
Type : pdf
Authorization for Direct Deposits.pdf Authorization for Direct Deposits.pdf
Size : 45.625 Kb
Type : pdf
Confidentiality Statement.pdf Confidentiality Statement.pdf
Size : 0.025 Kb
Type : pdf
Sexual Harassment Policy.pdf Sexual Harassment Policy.pdf
Size : 64.188 Kb
Type : pdf
Mantoux Testing Document.pdf Mantoux Testing Document.pdf
Size : 43.91 Kb
Type : pdf

New Client Documents

New Client Letter.pdf New Client Letter.pdf
Size : 122.79 Kb
Type : pdf
MN Home Care Bill of Rights.pdf MN Home Care Bill of Rights.pdf
Size : 20.792 Kb
Type : pdf
PCA Responsible Party Agreement and Plan.pdf PCA Responsible Party Agreement and Plan.pdf
Size : 234.13 Kb
Type : pdf
Term Resignation Form.pdf Term Resignation Form.pdf
Size : 45.016 Kb
Type : pdf
Achieve Healthcare PCA Timesheet.pdf Achieve Healthcare PCA Timesheet.pdf
Size : 57.939 Kb
Type : pdf

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